Rose Rose

The big winner of Firestone's Road to the Main Stage!

Next step for them:
An appearance at Rock en Seine in Paris and a professional recording session.



« Rose Rose is a musical project characterized by its synthetic swirls, catchy keyboard melodies, and cosmic funk. Our goal is to be part of one of the biggest festivals in our city and make people dance until late into the night. It would be an honor for us to have that opportunity. »

about Rose Rose

Music Genre

Disco Pop


Supertramp, Phoenix, Jamiroquai


Creating opportunities for emerging talent

Since the 1920s, Firestone has been an active supporter of new talent. The idea came from Harvey Firestone.

For the last few years, Firestone has been travelling with its own stage to some of the most interesting festivals in France, in UK, in Germany, in Poland, in Spain and in Italy. The talents bring their music, while Firestone give them the opportunity to have their voices heard.

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